Monday, August 16, 2010

The 20/20 Swing Variation Workout

I created a workout that will test your conditioning, build up your strength endurance, and melt the fat right off your body. I use three different size kettlebells: a 16kg(35lb), a 24kg(53lb), and a 32kg(70lb). The workout lasts a total of twenty minutes and I set my gymboss timer for twenty second intervals. I begin doing swing transfers from one hand to the other with the 32kg bell. Once the timer beeps I immediately grab the 24kg followed by the 16kg and repeat the process. The goal is to rest as little as possible and keep switching kettlebells every twenty seconds. After about twelve minutes I switched to the two-hand swings with the 32kg but I kept the hand-to-hand transfers with the other two bells.

I managed to rest for only three twenty second intervals for a total of one minute. Nineteen minutes of work with swings and I was drenched in sweat. I would suggest you build up your tolerance slowly and rest as much as needed at first. This exercise will smoke you! Another tip for burning more calories is to wait at least a half an hour after your workout before eating or drinking a protein shake. Your metabolism will continue to race for awhile after so take advantage of it.

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