Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Good Diet Is A Must To Achieve Optimal Results

I want to discuss the importance of a good eating plan in conjunction to an exercise regime. You need to structure a balanced nutritional plan that works well with your bodies ability to metabolize the foods you eat. The diet you choose should work well with your schedule and exercise goals.

When I was in my twenties, I completed the Body-For-Life challenge and was eating six times a day every two to three hours. At the time, my work schedule and recreational activities coincided with this plan and I was able to get optimal results. I balanced proteins and carbohydrates with every meal and was able to drink three to four meal replacement shakes a day. I was single at the time and was able to spend four to five hundred dollars a month on shakes and supplements. I dedicated twelve weeks to follow and complete this challenge and so this program worked for me back then.

However, in this day and age my circumstances have changed. I am married with a son , own a house, and work crazy time schedules. My finances are much tighter now. I don't have the extra money to accommodate meal replacement shakes and other dietary supplements. My body does not digest whole foods quickly so the frequent eating plan does not work for me now.

The eating program I am currently following is the Warrior Diet. I have had great success with this plan and it fits in perfectly with my busy schedule. The diet is based on under-eating during the day and one big meal at night. My body seems to respond well to this system and I can really feel the difference. My energy levels are up and my body does not have to constantly work to digest food throughout the day. The ability to use stored body fat as fuel is implemented through the under-eating phase and the anabolic muscle building process is enhanced with the one main meal. For more information, click on the link below.

The thing to remember when structuring a diet plan is to make sure you can follow it long term and it provides the proper nutrients your body needs. Resistance training tears up your muscle fibers and your eating plan must address these concerns. You need a balance of high quality protein, low glycemic carbohydrates, and poly and mono saturated fats as well. You should try to avoid fried and processed foods, trans fats and preservatives at any cost. However, the occasional cheat meal should be allowed so you can stick with your plan and make continued gains. If you restrict everything all the time, then you are more apt to fall off the wagon and sabotage your nutritional plan. My simple advice is to not give up. If you have a bad day and eat poorly then get back on schedule the next day and move forward. Nobody is perfect! I splurge from time to time but I always jump back on my eating plan and make progress. You must find a healthy diet plan that you can actually follow and consistently keep exercising to make continued gains. Do not underestimate the importance of a well thought out eating plan.

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