Friday, August 13, 2010

What's your motivation?

Welcome to my blog! 
The reason for starting this blog is to share some of my insights on training, nutrition, and supplementation.  I have well over a decade of trial and error training under my belt so I feel compelled to share some of the useful information I have gathered throughout the years.  I want people to avoid some of the mistakes I made and benefit from the methods I found to be the most rewarding.  My tool of choice is mostly the kettlebell.  For time restraints and quick results nothing has worked better for me.  The kettlebell will make you stronger, burn fat, increase flexibility, and improve conditioning all at the same time.  I do like to incorporate body weight drills as well.  When I teach clients my main focus is safety.  I feel the hardstyle method of strength delivers the safest and most desirable results when performed correctly.

So what's my motivation?  I want to be able to help people get the results they want.  The potential for injury is high with the kettlebell.  I want my clients to perform the basic kettlebell exercises with proper form and be able to benefit from these drills.  I see too many people using less than perfect form that will eventually result in injury.  Another piece of advice is to start with the swing and turkish get-up.  Read Pavel Tsatsouline's book "Enter The Kettlebell!."  Follow the program as he wrote it and read the book again.  I made the mistake when I started using kettlebells to skimp over the swing and started snatching and pressing right away.  Sore elbows and tweaked shoulders was my reward.  Don't skip the basics!  Spend a lot of time practicing the kettlebell swing and get-up.  I would also recommend going to an RKC or HKC Instructor for proper form.  I will discuss this topic further in my next post.  But the point is to spend enough time (months) owning these movements so your body can adapt properly and handle the demands of the more advanced snatch and military press.

I am very passionate about this type of training.  I dropped over forty-five pounds of fat in six months and gained my confidence back.  My strength and endurance has improved greatly and I want to do my part and help people change for the better.  So with that being said, what is your motivation?

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  1. But first you gotta eat some tuna-fish, straight outta the can, garnished with cinnamon and sugar!